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What is Keeping Seniors Awake?

Seniors may have come to terms with the changes in their sleep patterns, which is normal for people in their age group. People aging 65 and higher tend to sleep less frequent and may sometimes have difficulty falling to sleep. Seniors may naturally be early sleepers and/or early risers. However, the presence of chronic medical […]

Seniors Approve Obamacare Team Care Approach

Under Obamacare, doctors and hospitals are encouraged to work together for better elderly care, and those who performed as a team to attain this goal of better service and Obamacare are rewarded under the program. The provider enables the team approach by making contracts with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and patient-centered medical homes.  The medical […]

Medicare: Are You Turning 65 by 2014?

2014 is a big year for you if you have reached 65 years of age and is now officially retired. Your retirement may entail a lot of adjustments and challenges especially on health insurance and health concerns. Well, there is nothing to worry. Everything is manageable as long as you keep yourself well-informed about health […]

Travel and Medigap

Seniors have the luxury of free time when they finally reach their retirement. If still burdened by the fulfillment of personal goals, seniors can now make plans on how to best spend their free time. Travel to another country is one of those dreams that hardworking seniors have, and retirement is the best time they […]

Obamacare: How It May Affect Seniors

Enrollment to Obamacare was initially set to end by March 31, 2014 but an extension until mid-April was made to enable people who have not enrolled to health insurance coverage to do so. With this latest development, seniors have to wait a little while longer to see what is in store for them. Obamacare is […]

Obamacare – Two Weeks to Go

A quarter of 2014 is almost over, and the future of the Affordable Care Act will be known in less than two weeks from now. Americans are getting uneasy as their future this year is about to unfold. Obama’s signature bill is about to make history in the United States of America—either to make every […]

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